Townsquare is one of the leading producers of live events in the United States with approximately 200 events across the country each year attracting over 1 million total attendees. Their Loudwire event needed an app that would guide users through the experience.


For the Loudwire Music Festival, an experience is needed that takes into account the goals of a concert goer. Interaction will guide a user to different locations within a music festival. This will help the festival create more business and ad revenue.


A User Flow Task Analysis was created to determine what content the user needs. Wireframes were created along with low fidelity prototypes to understand the user journey. Finally a final prototype was constructed. User testing within a festival setting was conducted.


Townsquare Media launched Loudwire along with other applications for. The application was successful at elevating ticket sales and guiding customers throughtout the venue. Beacons notified users when they were close to areas such as bathrooms, and food stands.

Detailed Screens