Mountain Jam



Townsquare is one of the leading producers of live events in the United States with approximately 200 events across the country each year attracting over 1 million total attendees. Townsquare Media needed a guide for users would work for any of their 200 events.


Create an experience that takes into account the profile of a concert goer. Interaction that guides a user to different content locations within a music festival. Further engagement in the festival creates more business, ad revenue and content consumption.


A User Flow Task Analysis was created to determine what content the user needs. Wireframes were created along with low fidelity prototypes to understand the user journey. Finally a final prototype was constructed. User testing within a festival setting was conducted.


Townsquare Media launched Mountain Jam along with another application for a Blues Festival. Both applications were successful at elevating ticket sales and guiding customers to desired venues.

Detailed Screens