The night is busy, and a user wants more to drink. She heads to her favorite bar, but realize that there is a line. It takes her about 20 minutes to obtain a drink before socializing with friends. Once there, the bartender holds her card at the risk of her forgetting it at the end of the night. This situation is not optimal for a night out with friends.


After hundreds of years of bars, this problem has been neglected. The goal is to create an app to help the user continue having a good time with her friends. In today's bars, various forms of payment are accepted including credit cards and Apple pay. In spite of all of this, current systems at most establishments are not set up to handle mobile ordering.


Live research into the bar set up is then conducted. Following that is a User Flow Task Analysis. The journey is scrutinized. Wireframes are created. Evidence suggests the complexity of ordering a drink in this environment. Colors, screen brightness, and font size are then considered. Prototypes are produced and further research conducted.


Since this is a work in progress, results have not been fully quantified. An educated assumption is that users are already broadly educated on ordering food, coffee and even scooters all from their mobile application. An all-encompassing application designed to make life more comfortable inside a crowded drink environment would not be a far leap.

1. User Flow Task Analysis

User Flow Task Analysis

2. Wireframes and Low Fidelity Prototypes

Low Fidelity Prototype

Wireframes for Menu System

3. Final Designs


3. Final Checkout Process Designs